We’re Sixteen by Nine – brought to you by founders Dan Salem and Elizabeth Anyaegbuna in association with our team.















We know our onions

We’re highly experienced senior executives with a background in broadcasting. Working at Sky Media, Viacom, Turner Broadcasting and A + E Networks we’ve helped grow businesses across TV, digital, social and branded content. Media strategy, sales, production, content creation and development – we’ve done it all. Our breadth of knowledge and innate understanding of consumers and broadcasters means we have the full picture. It’s what gives us the edge.

We’re committed to you

We’re a hands-on kind of company who like to get down to business. Your business. We know that different goals need a different approach so we take a total view of your objectives to see how growing brand awareness or increasing sales fits into the big picture. You get bespoke strategy and planning, a proactive approach and a personal service that stays with you from start to finish.





























Paying if forward

We’re all about giving back and paying it forward. Elizabeth is a mentor at Brixton Finishing School and Dan volunteers for the food charity Compassion London. We’re also committed to bringing more equality and diversity into our industry. Elizabeth is co-head of allyship at women’s networking group Bloom, co-founder of Bloom in Colour and a mentor for Media For All (MEFA). Both Elizabeth and Dan are mentors for Creative Access, which helps people from under-represented groups enter the creative industries.